Stefan Chinoff

art direction and ilustartion


Type treatments

Mountain Dew " Do the Dew " type treatment and art direction

Agency: Tracy Locke NYC Creative Director : Milton Melendez Group Creative Director: David Moore Account Supervisor : Natalie Smith Senior Art Producer : Kim La Monica Art Direction : Stefan Chinof

N: Hey man we need some of your destructive powers for a project. Shatter the good old Nike JDI shatter into pieces, but ... ... But we need it within a week, can u do it?

see it here:

NIKE "Bring the Heat" T-shirt type illustration Jeff Wertz - Studio Director Colin Flynn - Designer illustrator - Stefan Chinof

enjoy lot more details and work in progress here:

enjoy the full series here:

enjoy the full series here:

enjoy the full series here:

enjoy the full series here:

enjoy the full series here:

the complete work enjoy here:

the complete work enjoy here:

Type treatments / type experiments / custom lettering / type manipulation, typography for huge variety of clients

  • Role art direction / illustration / typography

  • For Nike / Mountian Dew / Warner Bros / Haiti / city of Berlin /

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